Why Whites must Colonise the Galaxy and beyond… into eternity…

[I’m sure Dr William Pierce would approve of what I’m about to say to you. I believe the white race

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Going into Space Crushes the Delicate Nerves in Your Eyeballs

[It is fascinating how dangerous space is, especially when you spend a lot of time in space. It seems to

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3.5 Billion Years ago: Scientists say Ancient fossil microorganisms indicate that life in the universe is common

[This is utterly fascinating, what they did and how they did it. Notice how the Earth has changed and the

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Jan Lamprecht’s Books: Hollow Planets & Government by Deception

I set up a little shop page on the website for people who are interested in buying the books I

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Science: Life could be likelier on icy planets than rocky ones

[I follow science because 97% of science was created by whites and WHITES will use this tool to get out

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