NASA Wants You to Know That Black Holes Are Even Crazier When Viewed from the Side

[I've never quite believed in black holes. Its a topic I need to revisit another day. I've skeptical of the

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Science: Worms with Three Sexes Thrive in Arsenic-Laced Lake in California

[Isn't nature amazing? I've never heard of animals that have 3 sexes. Jan] The researchers visited Mono Lake in the

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Area 51 raid day: UFO & alien hunters descend on Nevada as US military calls in reinforcements & declares no-fly zone

[Area 51 has no UFOs. Its secret military stuff. I'm sure the military will arrest people if they need to.

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UFOs Are Real — and You Were Never Supposed to See Them, Military Official Says – My Comments

[I've been saying for quite a time that "UFOs" are not alien vehicles but actually military vehicles and specifically pilot-less

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