Space: How Bad is the Radiation on Mars? – Radiation has made Human space travel almost impossible

[A friend of mine who is into science told me a few years ago the shocking fact that radiation in

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Science: Radioactivity May Fuel Life Deep Underground and Inside Other Worlds

Scientists poke and prod at the fringes of habitability in pursuit of life’s limits. To that end, they have tunneled

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Science: Giant diamonds, buried miles below Earth’s surface, could explain Superdeep Earthquakes

A new study has suggested that the presence of diamonds deep beneath the Earth could explain why earthquakes occur at

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10 mind-boggling things you should know about quantum physics

[This is, to me, the most fascinating part of science and this is where insanely incredible future inventions and abilities

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Video: The Universe’s Largest Planets

This is not such a fantastic video, but even so there is some interesting stuff in here.

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