Photo: Asteroid Apophis is speeding up as scientists recalculate odds of 2068 impact

[It is fascinating that this asteroid might hit the earth by 2068. But there are unknowns due to slight orbital

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Science: Earth Keeps Pulsating Every 26 Seconds. No One Knows Why

Earth makes a tiny seismic rumble every 26 seconds. Is the pulsating caused by ocean waves, volcanoes, or something else

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Why Didn’t the Soviets Ever Make It to the Moon?

On July 3, 1969, just 17 days before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the lunar surface, the USSR

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Photos: Top Secret: New Stealth Drone: This Unidentified Plane Flew Over California. The Air Force Won’t Admit It Exists

INSTAGRAM @SUNDOWNERSTUDIOS A photograph appears to show a plane flying over Edwards Air Force base that’s unlike any aircraft publicly

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There could be around 5 billion habitable planets in the Milky Way

Half of the stars in our galaxy that are similar to the sun could be home to an Earth-like planet

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Science: DISCOVERY: An Earth-size planet is careening untethered through the galaxy, scientists find

Nobody has ever seen one here — until now. Earth orbits the sun like a ship sailing in circles around

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