Pic: Science: The monstrous ‘blobs’ near Earth’s core may be even bigger than we thought

[Interesting science. Jan] Earthquakes (stars) send seismic waves rippling through the planet. Seismometers (blue triangles) detect them on the other

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Video: Science: Only 3 people (white men) have died in Space

This little video makes a fascinating point that I’ve not thought of. All the deaths to do with space were

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Science: Mars once had rings and a much bigger moon, new evidence suggests

Mars may have once had a giant ring that eventually got smooshed to form one of its oddly-shaped moons, new

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NASA finally gets its “mole” to dig into the Martian rock for the first time ever

[I enjoy this robotic stuff on other planets. Its awesome. Brought to you by the White man! Though NASA has

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Photo: Where Robots beat Humans: Spaceflight: The White mans’s Robots in space – My Comments

[This craft can be flown remotely. I suspect all space craft can be flown and controlled remotely. The biggest lesson in

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Rodney Cluff’s trip to the North Pole

Hi Kathy, Jan forwarded me your email asking about Rodney Cluff’s trip to the North Pole. I’m a fellow believer

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