3 Pics: Amazing Science: The most distant landing in space was made by a European Space probe

The most distant landing ever made, to date by a space probe was when the Huygens space craft landed on

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3 Pics: SR-72: America’s Fastest Spy Plane May Be Back – and Hypersonic!

[I’m a big fan of the SR-71 Blackbird and its predecessor: Oxcart. Amazing planes! I hope this is true. It

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How to view the NASA Apollo landing sites on the Moon… proof that White men made it to the Moon!

[NB: The best link where you can see actual close-ups of the Moon landing sites, and the tracks of the

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EXTREME WHITE MEN: Similarities between Neil Armstrong & the Waffen SS Nazi Tank Ace Michael Wittman! – NASA Mood Landing Hoax?

Here are two incredible white men. Michael Wittman, the NAZI Tank ace and Neil Armstrong, the astronaut. Of course, we

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FREE eBook: A JOURNEY TO The EARTH’S INTERIOR by Marshall B. Gardner (1923)

I’m pleased to be giving away this book.Of all the books I read on the Hollow Earth, this one by

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SCIENCE CENSORED: (((Liberals))) & SJW scum are driving White men out of Science careers!

[NB: There is a petition link here. I’ve already signed it. PLEASE SUPPORT THESE SCIENTISTS!! My blood boils when I

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