Hitler’s SS took us to the MOON & space! – The Secret of Werner Von Braun the SS Scientist…

[Here is an awesome story proving that Dr Von Braun, was a true NAZI and he hid it quietly. I'm

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Video: White Technology: A New Way to launch rockets? – Can Spinlaunch Throw Rockets Into Space?

[This is a fascinating idea, and perfect for computer control. I would like to see how this progresses. Jan] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAczd3mt3X0

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NASA’s Big Lie of Weird Life

[This is from a guy who used to work for NASA. I take his thoughts seriously. I agree with this

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NASA JPL Engineer: NASA’s Mars Rovers communicate to Earth at FASTER THAN LIGHT SPEED – Impossible according to Jew Einstein

[This is a followup to my writing about Gravity propagating faster than the speed of light and therefore violating the

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Very Important: Has NASA found a way to communicate FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT? – Jew Einstein

[This relates to something important published on the website ChristiansforTruth. I like them a lot, and regard them as solid

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White Science: US astronomy’s 10-year plan is super-ambitious – But dogged by Liberal/Diversity Junk

[As always, Whites are surging ahead, but you'll see that all kinds of junk diversity crap is affecting these things.

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