Science: Extraterrestrial Life Could Be Purple

Alien life might be purple. That’s the conclusion of a new research paper that suggests that the first life on

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Science: A solar power plant in space? The UK wants to build one by 2035 – My Comments

[I like this a lot. This is going to be an interesting idea to watch. You won't see Nigeria, or

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VERY RARE: The Hodges meteorite brought problems to the woman it struck, but good fortune to at least one neighbor

[This is an amazingly rare incident. Jan] November 30, 2016 Not the meteorite that struck Ann Hodges, this five-inch-long chunk

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White Science: Some of the moon’s water may come from Earth, study suggests

About 1% of the water that evaporates from Earth’s atmosphere might settle on the moon.. Some of the moon’s water

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Science: All ingredients for life found on space rocks – Did life come from space?

[There is a theory called Panspermia which theorises that life came to the Earth from space. I'd often wondered if

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White Science: Scientists hail ‘the decade of Venus’ with 3 new missions on the way – My Comments

[Venus is the closest planet to the earth. It's quite a lot closer than Mars. Yet you will hardly ever

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