NASA JPL Engineer: NASA’s Mars Rovers communicate to Earth at FASTER THAN LIGHT SPEED – Impossible according to Jew Einstein

[This is a followup to my writing about Gravity propagating faster than the speed of light and therefore violating the Jew Einstein's Relativity. I found out what the NASA engineer claimed was the real source. Jan]

I followed up my reply as follows:-

I went to the source article and browsed through what the JPL engineer wrote and discovered. He actually makes it clear that he traced the faster-than-light data to a server belonging to the Quantum Sciences Computers.

He therefore attributes the faster-than-light communication to Quantum Mechanics. That means we’re dealing with the smallest things. He attributes it to "entanglement".

I know they’ve been studying this a lot in Western Science in recent years. Quantum Mechanics has seemed to me to be the most insanely incredible science our race has discovered and it’s behaviour is extremely weird and virtually unpredictable.

I think the Jew Einstein referred to Quantum Entanglement as "Spooky action at a distance". It freaked his mind out, and he could not conceive of it, but it’s real and scientists have dug into it intensely.

The NASA engineer states that he and his pal thought that the faster-than-light communication from Mars to Earth was probably done by Quantum Entanglement.

That sounds solid to me because I’ve read that they’ve been digging into this a lot, and might even be using it in Quantum computers I think.

I just remembered, there are other experiments in Europe where they also ran into speeds faster than light.

They blasted neutrinos I think through the Alps, from Italy to some other European location. So neutrinos were going through SOLID ROCK. On a number of occasions neutrinos moved faster through SOLID ROCK than the speed of light!!!

There’s weird shit out there and the Jew Einstein did not find the final answers. I am very delighted to see that the Europeans have the most advanced research going into Quantum Mechanics.

All we need are Whites who are extremely clever and who know science and engineering on our side and we’re good to go.

Quantum Mechanics takes us into super-science … it will make magic look like nothing.

So Quantum entanglement is this guy’s explanation and that sounds like it might be the most likely explanation.

Nobody can do magic like our race. What is insane is that RACIALLY LOYAL people do not rule us. That is the greatest insanity.

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