Flat Earth: The worst, most idiotic idea that ever took hold: The Incredible History of European Astronomy

This is from a note that I wrote to some folks about the thing that irritates me the most in

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Video: First Real Images Of Venus – What Have We Discovered?

The surface of Venus can’t be seen because of the dense, cloudy atmosphere. Here’s the video of what we know:

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Technology: The Future: The great danger of Space Debris – Whites will solve the problems

[This is interesting, but as you will see, the Europeans have already solved part of the problem. In the end,

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SUN POWERED ROCKET! Building a Space craft that can travel 200,000 mph out of the Solar System! – My Comments

[All these ideas come from the White Race. I love some of the incredible ideas that are coming out of

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Video: A Star That’s 200,000,000 Years Older than the Universe

Some interesting and weird science. The universe is really strange and scientists find some head scratching things. How can a

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Important: Modern Science says the speed of Light can’t be measured – But Whites measured it in 1676

[Here is a 2020 Video from a guy I've been watching from time to time, but now I've lost all

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