Science & Future: Stephen Hawking Left Us Bold Predictions on AI, Superhumans, and Aliens – Nuclear Fusion

[I'm not a big fan of Hawking, but I think some of his thoughts are well worth pondering. AI does

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Trump Acknowledges UFOs, Threatens Aliens With Military Action – My Comments

[There are no aliens. If aliens existed, their robots would be here first. Look at how we are able to

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3 Photos: Science: What an Asteroid Could Tell Us About Ancient Earth

Bennu is shaped like a three-dimensional diamond and seemingly smooth from far away. OSIRIS-REx is in the foreground of this

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Science: Super-habitable Planets more hospitable to life than Earth may already have been discovered – My Comments

[I've never heard of the idea of a super-habitable planet, but I love it. This is very cool. So whites,

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Science: Hot, boiling Moon Lava: What Did The Moon Look Like From Earth 4 Billion Years Ago? – My Comments

[The Moon was formed by the Earth being hit by a planetary sized object. So originally the Moon was boiling

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