What are the Jews up to? Jewish Youtube … lots about ALIENS…

I notice on Jewtube, more and more videos coming out and pointing to aliens.

There are the real vehicles that the US Navy and other military personnel have seen and filmed that are "UFOs" (but in reality, merely secret US experimental aircraft).

But I’m seeing genuine UFO stuff … weird stuff pertaining to the stars and even to our solar system. I love astronomy, and I can see that this is just garbage. This is nonsense that’s being put forward. And even an Israeli General I think, in recent years, claimed Aliens were real.

I used to believe in this when I was young, but this is pure nonsense.

And I’m seeing tons and tons of more "scientific" claims about Aliens … but you can almost always trace it back to Jews.

I think Jews are trying to deflect our attention away from THEM.

I think that’s what’s really going on.

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