How will Whites solve the problem of long distance travel in very dangerous space?

I have always been fascinated by space travel. However it was only in recent years that a friend of mine, an Italian South African actually, told me that the very bad news about space travel is that our health is massively harmed by rising up through the atmosphere and going into space. The radiation levels do massive and permanent damage to your health. Even a trip to Mars is a literal death sentence.

I did post an article months ago on my website that even air hostesses and pilots have a much higher incidence of cancer and this is because of the heights they fly at. They are getting longer term exposure to dangerous levels of radiation.

But when you’re in space, especially on the space station, the effects of radiation will cause permanent damage to your health. It may be that if you go beyond the Moon that the situation is even worse.

I have wondered if it is truly possible to shield astronauts from high energy radiation. It seems NASA has made headway in this matter.

Here are things that protect astronauts from radiation:

Interestingly, an antioxidant diet, including dairy products, green vegetables such as spinach, and antioxidant supplements such as vitamin C, has potential in protecting astronauts from the damaging reactive oxygen molecules produced during radiation exposure

More importantly, special shielding:
In general, the best shields will be able to block a spectrum of radiation. Aboard the space station, the use of hydrogen-rich shielding such as polyethylene in the most frequently occupied locations, such as the sleeping quarters and the galley, has reduced the crew’s exposure to space radiation.

I have wondered, if Whites ever need to move long distances to other planets or star systems, whether we would need to take almost an entire planet or moon and use it as a spaceship so that its rock structure can be used as a shield against radiation?

Perhaps of course, this won’t be necessary and other methods of blocking radiation might be discovered. But I have wondered many times whether using an entire planet as a space ship wouldn’t be the answer? Of course the problem would be how to power it.

One way or the other … the European race will solve these and other extremely tricky problems as we go and do that which nobody else is able to!! 14/88

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