Is the Third Reich still active in the Antarctic?

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Good day Jan

I am intrigued by the work you do and listen to a lot of your videos. I would like to hear your opinion on the Third Reich that they did expeditions in Antarctica during the war time and then after the war they went to Antarctica with U-boats and taking with them scientists and other people. I also read about the Americans under the command of Admiral Richard Byrd that they had an operation called “Operation high jump”. And that they suffered heavy losses.

Do you think the Third Reich is still active? The only reason I can conclude to this is that Antarctica is heavily fortified with the UN and also on the North Pole. They know something we don’t? And there were reports of the missing U-boats that were never found after WW2.

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I am aware of Admiral Byrd’s expedition to the Antarctic. It was a real expedition. But I never could find reliable data on it. There is a book about Byrd which makes various wild claims but I regarded it as a fraud. I think its a book purporting to be his diary. I looked a lot at it many years ago and it seemed like an outright fraud to me.

I don’t think the Reich is still active at all. I don’t know what you mean by “heavily fortified by the UN”. To my knowledge there are no military forces in Antarctica. I did do a lot of digging into the matter many years ago and bought myself massive maps of the Arctic and Antarctic from the USA. I hunted for NASA photos, etc. I found nothing that indicated anything weird.

However much arctic and antarctic exploration was undertaken by military people.

I never looked into missing u-boats after WW2. I know the Germans sent a u-boat with secret information including nuclear research to Japan, but apparently it was intercepted.

The idea of NAZI UFO’s is an idea that came from Ernst Zundel who died last year. Ernst published lots of UFO books in Canada and he made good money out of UFO books. He used it to fund his revisionism, his serious holocaust exposing work that later landed him in jail.

He gave a speech where he admitted to inventing the NAZI UFO idea. I have great admiration for him.


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