Video: Paranormies presents Hollow Planets – Part 1

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This is an interview I did with a panel from Paranormies where we discuss Hollow Planets and how I got into this topic and various things I found.

I discuss things I investigated but did NOT put into my book, Hollow Planets.

We also discuss my series of Polar hole photos that I bought from NASA and how a university Professor helped me to do calculations on it and how we found out what exactly it was and where it was.

I discuss my original intent to finding a polar hole or a place near it and physically going there. I discuss my “wonky” days when I believed in prophecies and WW3, and how the Hollow Earth was my survival plan.

One thought on “Video: Paranormies presents Hollow Planets – Part 1

  • 1st March 2020 at 6:18 pm

    I keep trying to write a book involving principles behind how a hollow planet would be formed. The title will be something along the line of: “Birth of a Planet, A Hollow Earth Presentation”. I believe I’ve completed enough of my research of the past ten years to write a book spanning the Big Bang through the formation of our solar system. (Of the past 50 years, actually; but most of my findings are from the past ten years of research.)

    Unfortunately, my findings are that of a hollow Earth having a vast interior with a massive frozen ocean some 100 kilometers deep. I estimate the outer shell to be some 1100 kilometers thick.

    As to P-waves, I’ve managed to show how P-waves reveal the Earth must be hollow, though not in the same manner a presentation of your’s revealed.


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