Flat Earth: The worst, most idiotic idea that ever took hold: The Incredible History of European Astronomy

This is from a note that I wrote to some folks about the thing that irritates me the most in our movement that has been pushed by some people. This is truly the dumbest thing to ever come from the Internet. This is what I wrote:

… Their flat earth stuff is total horse crap, and if there is something in this movement that I truly HATE it is this bloody f*cking FLAT EARTH f*cking shit. That is such a load of total crap. Perhaps it is because I have always loved astronomy and know the history of astronomy that I appreciate the true genius of our race with regard to astronomy. The achievements of our science in fields like that, centuries ago, is European brilliance at its finest. The ancient Greeks measured the size of the earth accurately before the Roman Empire even existed. Our scientists using pen and paper, long before calculators or slide rules, were able to calculate extremely accurately distances and prove that orbits were elliptical, which you, with your naked eye could never even see. If a planet’s orbit was drawn on a piece of paper and put in front of you, you’d think it was a perfect circle (most of the time), but our genius scientists knew and could prove mathematically, HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO, that it was actually an ellipse. The achievements of European astronomy are insanely awesome. Now you get some fools, who are busy with NASA conspiracies, who want you to believe that what we know about the universe is junk. These morons and idiots have no conception of the depth, knowledge and achievement of our forefathers and the unbelievable accuracy and achievements of their work with tools which now would be considered totally primitive. And, by the way, which no Blacks in Africa would even have conceived of, never mind worked with. Our achievements are so far advanced beyond anything anyone else has done, it has no equal. We can perhaps debate conspiracy theories, but the structure of the universe CANNOT be a conspiracy theory because our race has, for thousands of years be determining all sorts of facts and built on that which ultimately led to the awesome knowledge we have now, which I repeat, without the European race, nobody would have a clue about.

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