Science: Feasibility of a Nuclear Fission Reactor at the Center of the Earth

[I worked on Hollow Planets from 1995-1999 when it was published privately at my own expense. One of the most crucial ideas in it was the idea of a “central sun” inside a Hollow Planet. When I pondered this idea there seemed to be a possible explanation for that and it was a nuclear fission reaction. The Sun is driven by nuclear fusion which is based on light elements. But nuclear fission is the opposite. It is done by the very heavy elements like Uranium and Plutonium.

Whether such a “star” would give off enough light is perhaps unlikely.

But if such a reaction was possible at the centre of the Earth it would have one fascinating side effect and that would be this: nuclear reactions create intense magnetic fields. I knew that the Earth’s magnetic field was something of a scientific mystery and that they were struggling to explain all the various aspects of it. So I began to wonder whether the Earth’s magnetic field could be proof that there is a nuclear reaction at the center of the Earth? This would explain many things that science was struggling to explain.

I wrote about these things of my own accord in Hollow Planets.

But in the final months of writing Hollow Planets in 1999 I stumbled on the work of Dr Marvin Herndon in the USA. I found my first ever references to a nuclear scientist saying similar things. So in Hollow Planets, as the last section I put a “Stop Press” and mentioned Dr Herndon’s writings.

After Hollow Planets was published, I went in search of Dr Herndon and found him and befriended him. Over the next few years he then sent me many of his scientific papers where he challenged many things in physics.

But the most important aspect for me were his papers on nuclear fission reactions at the center of a solid earth. Even though he did not believe in a hollow earth, he made the case for a nuclear reaction 16 miles in diameter at the centre of the earth which would explain the earth’s magnetic field. He went on to write many papers dealing with the stars and other planets in the Solar system, which I too had been looking at as candidates for nuclear reactions. e.g. Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter gives off twice as much heat as it receives from the sun. So something is generating heat inside the planet.

I will be publishing Dr Herndon’s papers here on this website so that you can study them for yourself. This paper was originally published in 1992 by the Journal for Geomagnetism and Geoelectricity.

Dr Herndon struggled to get all his papers published. At the link below you can download the PDF with the full paper. But below it I have reproduced all the pages that make up the paper.

In this paper Herndon discusses in detail many aspects of a nuclear reaction at the center of the Earth. It is worth reading even if you do not understand the maths. Just read it and you’ll find many really interesting statements and ideas herein.

Special Note: In West Africa, at Oklo, French scientists discovered a naturally occuring nuclear reactor that had run for about 2 billion years on the surface of the Earth. It resulted merely in the generation of hot water, but it was a bona fide, natural nuclear reaction. So that is proof that nuclear reactions can occur in nature. I knew from my research that as far back as the 1940s that scientists had realised that nuclear reactions could begin occuring naturally under the surface of the earth. However nobody had ever proposed that it could occur at the center of the Earth.

On the FullWiki website they have an article about Herndon’s georeactor idea:

I urged Dr Herndon to continue with his work. In 2002, an article was published in Discover magazine about his work: Jan]

Click here to download the PDF file of his paper: feasibility of a nuclear fission reactor at the center of the earth

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