Very Important: Has NASA found a way to communicate FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT? – Jew Einstein

[This relates to something important published on the website ChristiansforTruth. I like them a lot, and regard them as solid people who do excellent work. But what I'm writing below is in response to a conclusion that they drew, which I differ with, and I want to explain why. It's a topic that is close to my heart and I am happy to provide more information on this later. Jan]

Here’s the story in a nutshell. Someone at NASA made a weird technical discovery which suggested that a secret part of NASA might be communicating with the Mars Rover AT FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT. In fact, instantly. Thus other people, with a scientific background were knocking this claim by saying that you can’t communicate instantly between the Earth and Mars because your communication would need to go faster than the speed of light. The Jew Einstein, with his theory of Relativity has resulted in the religious belief, held by all universities and academics, that you cannot exceed the speed of light. This is a core tenet and result of Relativity from the Jew Einstein. So they conclude that the Mars Rovers can’t be on Mars, and that they must therefore be nearer, very possibly on Earth. This then plays into the notion that all space travel is a NASA lie, etc, etc. My own view, is that the Jew Einstein, probably retarded the science of physics and set it back, perhaps by a century, thanks to his junk.

Here’s the link to the ChristiansForTruth article:

Let me explain why I agree with the NASA guy who thinks that NASA has figured out a way to communicate faster than the speed of light.

This was my reply to an American woman I know, who had lectured at a famous university. It is from her that I got this article. I wrote:-

When I saw this science article coming from you, I decided to take a quick look. Then I saw that this relates to ChristiansForTruth whom I actually like a lot.

I normally don’t take space conspiracies seriously because that used to be my forte. I dug into all these things for a long, long time.

But I was very impressed with the source for this data regarding the weird communications between NASA and Mars and thus, the suggested solution being that the Mars rover must be on Earth.

I’m going to shock you with my own view on this matter.

While, for the most part, I do not knock science needlessly, there are some things in even astronomy that I have different views on.

Let me tell you the thing in science, that I don’t buy at all, and that is the theory that the speed of light is the fastest thing, and that somehow this is a speed that you can’t exceed.

This is directly linked to the Jew Einstein and Relativity, which I always, instinctively found really hard to swallow. It never sat well with me.

You might hear of "gravity waves" these days in science, but do NOT confuse that with what I’m about to tell you. "Gravity waves" as is used currently is something else.

I found that in physics, there is nobody who can explain gravity. For example, you can explain light as photons. It is a particle that is massless and moves at the speed of light.

So how is gravity propagated? Well, you’ll find that nobody can tell you. There is no "gravity particle". They describe it in all kinds of vague non-physical terms (e.g. fields, curvature of space, and assorted junk).

Now as is noted, light/radio waves travelling from Mars to Earth would have a time delay. And the further you go from the Earth, the longer the time delay is. Remember, the basic theme is that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

Well, there is something physicists do that violates their own rule, and it is this: When they use Newton’s law of gravity to calculate the movements of planets or objects in the solar system, they do NOT account for the propagation of gravity at the speed of light. Because to do so actually results in wrong answers. Instead, they calculate the movements of planets, etc on the basis that the speed of gravity is infinite – instant and then they get the correct results.

So I repeat, astronomers do their calculations assuming that the speed of gravity is instant.

So could there be something that moves faster than the speed of light? Yes, gravity. And nobody knows what gravity is. They’re hoping the higgs boson particle is responsible for mass.
But the key issue here is the interaction between physical bodies that are millions of miles apart and even light years apart.

In my weird science days, I eventually found 2 American scientists, each with a different speciality, whom I believe were on to big things.

The one guy was a former US Navy astronomer who died more than 15 years ago. I was in touch with him, and he wrote a wonderful book.

I regard it as the greatest science book written in modern times and TOTALLY OVERLOOKED BY EVERYONE.

There, he also attacked the junk around Relativity (Jew Einstein). He made a number of points that show that gravity travels much faster than light.

In fact, he estimated that gravity might travel up to … wait for it … 10,000 or 100,000 times faster than the speed of light.

It might be worthwhile, at a point, for me to scan his chapter on gravity because he provides real astronomical examples of things seen in space that violate the speed of light theory.

He gives actual examples, from astronomy, to show that there are things out there violating this Einstein junk.

So to return to this article, that guy at NASA somehow does not seem very phased by the idea that NASA may have found a way to communicate at faster-than-light speed.

I will tell you, in my weird days, when I was digging into science, an Engineer from Lockheed Martin approached me and asked me to be part of a team to brainstorm varioust physics ideas.

By then I had moved into politics which was more important. But I will tell you, these younger engineers and technicians might be very creative and open-minded.

The Speed of Light crap might be a religious belief taught by universities, but it is very possible that engineers and technicians and scientists with Top Secret clearances have made discoveries that do not exist in science books.

I personally believe that gravity, and understanding gravity properly, as a mechanism, also includes the knowledge that gravity propagates much faster than the speed of light.

I repeat, ignore the measurement of "gravity waves" – that is a different concept – it has to do with fluctuations in the strength of gravity. It is not about the direct propagation of the force.

I’m convinced there are things that move faster than the speed of light. So if NASA has found a way to communicate faster than the speed of light, then that interests me.

This is the first time I’ve heard of such a concept. Chances are it is not based on radiation – like the light/radio waves which move at the speed of light.

What are they tapping into? Are they tapping into gravity or something else?

I want to warn people, all real science, the highest science is practised in the military world, and it’s secret and it stays there until they decide to let it come out.

I find this extremely exciting. If NASA has found a way to communicate faster than the speed of light then this is huge.

The brilliance of the European race, and our methods can’t be overstated. If anyone is going to conquer the universe, it will be the European people.

Everyone else is a child and a fool, and that includes the Jews.

All we need to figure out is how to travel faster than the speed of light. Better still, imagine we could travel at near the speed of gravity. 🙂

Rest assured, we will find insanely awesome answers to these problems.

What delights me is the speed at which we are learning and science is progressing. However, if Hitler had been around, we would have progressed 10x or 100x faster.

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