Video: Leaked Video Shows UFO Flying Around Navy Ship Near San Diego – My Analysis

[I have been aware of, but trying to ignore, the stories of the UFOs that have been spotted by the US Military. I am interested in this, but I am firmly convinced that we are seeing Classified Military aircraft that are probably experimental. I am, however, interested in them, from a science point of view to see if one can determine what exactly these craft are capable of doing and what their real goal is. There was a whole History Channel show about them, and if anyone can get a copy of it, that would be great. I've only seen about 3 minutes of it. The stuff is totally genuine, and I was especially fascinated by a USAF pilot from an aircraft carrier that experienced this vehicle up close. The UFO was off the West coast of the USA which immediately suggests that this is an AMERICAN AIRCRAFT. I am convinced that 95% of these "UFOs" are American made. There might be European stuff too, but I doubt you would see it flying off the coast of the USA. This craft specifically flew at over 5,000 Km/hr for a distance of 60 Km and then waited there for the USAF pilots to catch up. I notice all the video of these craft from the US Military are blurred. There is no doubt in my mind that this is deliberate. I also am convinced that the USAF pilots, despite telling the truth, were also INSTRUCTED as to what to reveal and what NOT to reveal. I find it curious that a private UFO investigator is getting these videos and that the US Military is confirming that the footage is real. There is therefore some kind of game going on. I don't know what it's purpose is. Even the Mass Media acknowledges that these are most likely not alien in nature, and are more likely classified programs. I agree with this. There is talk that this info will then be passed on to the Congress BUT IT MAY BE CLASSIFIED. Again, this implies this is MILITARY and therefore secret and the PUBLIC may not know. So I'm not sure if perhaps the purpose is to engage in a bit of a psyop with the public to let them see that there is something there … but without saying anything in detail. That seems to be the PURPOSE. I can tell you, that from a military perspective, having spent a short time in the military myself, that NO WAYS IN HELL can a pilot or anyone in the military just go and speak to the press without being told up front what he may or may not say, and he will be JAILED if he defies the rules. I am also totally convinced that the footage of the craft has been deliberately blurred and that the Pilot himself has had to LIE about the SHAPE of the UFO in order to make you believe the UFO had a strange shape. The UFO unquestionably has to be aerodynamic, and of the form of a normal aircraft, but it is critical for them to NOT let you know this because this info is CLASSIFIED and could give away important secrets. The UFO also is unquestionably UNMANNED. Don't be fooled by the circular, blurry images. That's hiding a REAL AEROPLANE!!! The plane is just very maneuverable. There seem to be 2. The one can actually dive into the water. The other seems to be an aircraft that can fly into space. Jan]

You can watch the video here:

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