White Space Travel in the Future & 20 life forms that would survive a nuclear war – My Thoughts

[One of the bad things that came out of man’s attempts to get into space was the discovery by astronauts that long periods of time in space result in serious damage to our bodies. This is not what was expected. And even a trip to Mars would almost certainly kill many of those on the trip, if it were to go on at the normal speeds of our current rockets. Now one of the topics I want to discuss later is whites as a living organism, a super organism, because I am quite sure Hitler had these views.

At some point the sun will explode and kill all life on earth. Therefore, if whites want to survive, which I am totally convinced we can, we need to have left the earth and created other survivable homes elsewhere … UNLESS …. UNLESS … and this is a brand new thought I just had … there is a way to lengthen the life span of our sun!!! That might also be possible, once the genius of our race gets to work on that one!

But returning to the issue of colonising other worlds, the big problem is that leaving our solar system will kill us… UNLESS … UNLESS… we have a means of extremely high speed transport that makes this happen in a matter of weeks so that people don’t suffer from radiation damage.

Anyway, another possible way to make our race live forever is to find ways to overcome the problem of what radiation can do to our bodies.

There are several insects, animals and plants that can survive intense radiation – like the radiation of a nuclear war. e.g. Scorpions and tardigrades, etc.

A way of preventing us dying from radiation, is to use thick metals in the construction of interstellar ships. But then weight becomes the big issue and that slows travel speed down, etc.

So here was a thought: I am sure we could either modify our own DNA to make us immune to radiation sickness???? And you know what else is possible? What if we created forms of humans who might be suited to space travel, almost exclusively? The possibilities are endless once you understand our science.

We are capable of almost anything.

Anyhow, at the link below, you can view a slide show of 20 forms of life that can survive intense nuclear radiation … and I am certain that from this we can maybe make ourselves immune to radiation sickness and thus prepare the way for lots of space travel! Once we can dash around the universe … the universe would be ours. We would be like GODS!

Check this out: https://www.msn.com/en-in/health/medical/20-life-forms-that-would-survive-a-nuclear-war/ss-AAlrclJ#image=1

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