Scientists detect Mars-Quakes – First quake activity dectected on Mars!

A Martian seismic mystery

Meanwhile, the team working on InSight’s seismometer is also keeping busy. On Dec. 16, the group posted that "significant" marsquakes detected on May 22 and July 25 originated in a tectonic structure called Cerberus Fossae, making the area "the first active seismic zone ever discovered on Mars," according to a statement posted to the instrument’s Twitter feed.

However, the scientists working with the instruments are waiting to share more information about the discovery until research papers on the topic are published.

The same instrument team announced today (Dec. 18) in a similarly brief update that the seismometer seems to have detected a new phenomenon as well.

"The @NASAInSight seismometer has discovered a strange, continuous signal at 2.4 Hz, apparently not related to the lander or weather activity, but excited by a lot of #MarsQuake," the statement read. "This puzzling resonance acts as a natural seismic amplifier!" What that means for the planet remains unclear.

"Mars is full of mysteries," the team wrote.


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