I knew Dr Tom Van Flandern – a brilliant scientist – a man with a great mind

[I was chatting to a Boer about Dr Tom Van Flandern, a US astronomer whom I knew and was in touch with before he died. He wrote his own book about how he saw physics and astronomy and he questioned the Jew Einstein's gravity nonsense. I personally think that the stupid Jew has slowed down the progress of science by about a century. He's stuffed up physics. So I advised the boer to get this book below. I still regard Van Flandern as a truly great mind. Jan]

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This is just a quick note. You must get Dr Tom Van Flandern’s book: Dark Matter, Missing Planets & New Comets.

I regard this man as truly brilliant. Its the only "Weird book" that I take seriously, from cover to cover. He also was big into exploding planets – evidence that planets explode.

And I think that is now well established.

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