ZATO: Russia’s 42 Top Secret Cities which you can’t visit & which are not on any maps!

[People have not believed me in some of my videos when I say that even in this modern age you can hide a tremendous amount of things. Well, can you believe it, you can hide entire cities. Area 51 type of security is not just limited to the USA. In fact, you can hide a city of a million people with no problem!

If you want proof that Apartheid/Segregation works, look no further than the Russian secret cities. You will see that they are safer than normal cities because movement into and out of them is highly restricted!

A Jewess I knew was married to a rich Afrikaner. I visited them a number of times. The rich Afrikaner (who was very Liberal I might add), had dealt with the Russians in business on a number of occasions. He told me that on one of these occasions he went to Russia and met with Russian Generals face to face. He said to me that there is a city in Russia, with a population of 1 million people and that everyone in that city works on only one thing: Building nuclear weapons to attack the USA with.

I came across this article in a slide show about Russia and it reminded me of what this Afrikaner had told me. He said the Russian Generals have an INTENSE hatred of the USA. (Think of that … their former ally in WW2 – morons!). In this slide show they mention that there are 42 secret Russian cities that you won’t find on any map. I suspect that all of them have to do with military activity, especially the manufacture of weapons and especially related to nuclear weapons. Jan]

You can read the full article that I wrote, complete with the maps, photos and links here:

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